I am looking for one more ticket, but the concert is sold out!

How can I safely purchase a ticket? Tip: Do not use an online search engine (for example, Google) if you want to reserve tickets for a sold out concert. The first results that you will see will be paid advertisements from resellers.

If you do not know the address, look for the website of the organiser or of the hall, from where you can always browse through to the pages of the official ticket seller or handler(*).

(*)You can buy the tickets from Proximus GoForMusic, while the tickets are paid for and delivered via Tele Ticket Service. Proximus Go For Music and Tele Ticket Service are sellers and handlers, respectively. Tickets for concerts in Belgium will generally also be officially sold only in Belgium, and if not, you can find information about this on the website of the hall or of the organiser.

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