What is the information I can view on the site?

Apart from making reservations, you can also view and customise your personal account on our website. You will find all the information about your reservation(s). Log in to the site and click on the text links ‘My account’ or ‘Ticket Status’.

My account

You will find your personal data under ‘My account’. You may change it when you change your residence or if your email address has changed, for example. However you cannot change your name if you have a pending reservation. This is intended to avoid resale via the illegal ticket circuit.

Ticket status

You will find a list of all the current reservations* on the ‘Ticket status’ page. Apart from the details of the reservation (place description, etc.), the status of your reservation, payment and delivery of tickets is also indicated with a colour code.

You will find the payment link in the ‘Link’ column if you have requested payment by credit or debit card.

Under the ‘Read More’ button (‘details’ column), you will find details of how to make payments via bank transfer - if this is available and has been requested.

If you do not find your reservation in this list, it is possible that it has been placed under another account, or the reservation has not been (correctly) processed or has been cancelled.

If you have reserved e-tickets, you may download them (again) here under the ‘link’ column.

* Reservations for matches of the Port of Antwerp Giants will not be found here.

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