About e-tickets

Almost immediately after the processing of your payment, you will receive an email containing a link to download your e-tickets in a PDF file. Clicking on the link and opening the PDF document is equivalent to the delivery of the tickets. It is best for you to save the e-ticket to the hard disk of your computer and then to print the same.

You can also always request your e-tickets on our website and print the same. Log in to the website and click on ‘status tickets’.

If you receive an error message when requesting e-tickets, just close the website and try a few hours later. If you still cannot open the e-tickets within 24 hours, please contact us.

If you have made ​​a reservation or registration specifying details of a closed email account (or which has closed in the meantime), or of a wrong email address, then it is obvious that your e-tickets cannot be delivered.

If you made the reservation with the login/password linked to an outdated email address, you can try to change the email address via the ‘my account’ button on the website, but if that fails – it will be no use calling up the call centre or the customer service – your paid reservations will remain reserved and you can collect the tickets from the cash counter on producing the identity card of the person who made ​​the reservation. Also ensure that the reservation number is available ready at hand.

(Also see: Lost, stolen, destroyed or undelivered tickets)

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