I am moving house! How can I change my address details?

You can change your address by logging in on our website. Then click on ‘My Account’, and then on ‘Edit Profile’. Attention: if you have one or more active reservations and the status of your tickets shows "ready for delivery", your change of address will no longer have any effect on the despatch of the same. (In that case, please see: Lost, stolen, destroyed or undelivered tickets)

The address details on e-tickets CANNOT be changed even if the tickets are reprinted (which incidentally will have no effect on the delivery or validity of the same).

Although there is automatic synchronisation, a slight delay may sometimes occur, and we may continue to use the old address in automated emails. If you have any doubts as to whether this has gone through properly, log in again to check the data.

Attention: Even if you had made a reservation via Proximus Go for Music, you should change your details on www.teleticketservice.com. Please note that the Tele Ticket Service is the ‘ticket handler’ and therefore also manages your customer data, the login and password for orders via Proximus Go For Music.

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